Gotta have a couple guidelines, but no worries, they're simple!

1) Post on your own blog whatever the prompt inspires.
2) Link back to Kick in the Blog so that your readers can come see the prompts for themselves and how others were inspired.
3) Add your post's hyperlink in the comments and/or in the Link-up widget so we can come offer support and/or feedback.
4) Feel free to embed the Link-up widget in your own post.

Rewarding participants!

After you've participated 5 times you'll be added to the blogroll.
After you've participated 10 times you'll be invited to submit a bio and 2 past Kick in the Blog post links to be included on the "regular contributors" page.

Have some prompts to submit? 
Email them to If I post your prompt I promise to give you full credit and a link back to your blog.
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